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The Battle Royale AU (aka Battle Royale: Reloaded) is just that; an alternative universe version of the original novel, manga, and film that Survival of the Fittest was based off in the first place. Handlers take the role of up to three characters from the game we all know and love, and then put their own unique spin on them. For some, this an opportunity to give development where previously there was none, and for others, put an alternative perspective on an already fleshed out character.

The Director for the RP, as decided by a poll amongst participating members, was Yonemi Kamon, the director from the manga.

With eleven students remaining, the game lost momentum as SOTF V4 began, and was declared dead. While a few posts were made afterwards, no deaths were completed, and it seems highly unlikely that a conclusion will be reached.


  • Characters - The students taking part in the game and their weapons, kills, and cause of death.
  • Death Order - Who killed whom and how.