After leaving the classroom, Chisato came across Yuichiro Takaguchi, and, later, Yumiko Kusaka. The three of them allied, but immediately heard someone calling for Yoshimi Yahagi, followed by gunshots. They went to check out the noise, and Chisato called out to Yahagi, asking her to join them. Yahagi gunned Chisato down, as Kusaka and Takaguchi ran.

Chisato Matsui
Manga Chisato
Vital statistics
Position 27th
Kills None
Killed by Yoshimi Yahagi
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Trench Knife
Location Farmhouse (F7)


Chisato was portrayed as hopelessly optimistic, to the point that she assumed Yahagi would be willing to join her. She was also portrayed as careless, drawing Yahagi's attention to her companions as well as herself.

Differences from CanonEdit

As in the original, Chisato was eager to form a group. This version of her, however, was much more optimistic than the film version, as well as somewhat more dangerous to her companions.


The Worst Game in History


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  • I wrote her as almost suicidally stupid. I feel vaguely bad about this, both because it may have been mean and also because I chuckled to myself writing the whole part with Yumiko and Yuichiro basically bailing on her. - Clu
  • Chisato was, yeah, a throwaway, but was pretty amusing within that context. Another inactive kill, she didn't really get much chance to do anything, but her sudden and violent death was pretty appropriate to the BR feel and it wasn't like she had a whole lot else going for her anyways. - MurderWeasel