Brigadier General David Adams is the man credited with coming up with the idea for The Program. It was considered to be a massive success, and as a bonus, hugely popular amongst the general popular. This won him widspread acclaim amongst his peers and superiors, resulting in a rapid promotion (at the time, he was a Colonel). Adams is known to frequently monitor the security and integrety of Programs, and often takes a directing role himself,

Indeed, David Adams appeared in The Program V1 (V42 in universe), acting as the director for that edition of the game, introducing the students of General's Pride high school to what was to come. He will also be making announcements. So far, Adams has been shown to an astonishingly laid back and seemingly ditzy man, given his rank, described as "a wiry man with a mop of blond hair and a lazy smile, complimenting boyish good looks. He wore trousers with a camouflage pattern, as well as a sleeveless, pale green shirt."

Personality wise, Adams seems to be very laid back, but has a chillingly casual approach to the concept of the students killing one another, seeing the Program as a whole as something of a game. He is clearly eccentric, having spent announcements singing, humming, and in places completely losing his train of thought. Further evidence for his odd nature stems from his refusal to distinguish between Stephanie and Sophie - the Mason twins, before eventually admitting he knew which one was which the entire time.

In recent times (see announcement two), it has become clear that Adams has a more serious streak in him, having been irritated by Marley Jenkins insulting him. The subsequent announcement saw Adams give a very clear warning that he wasn't going to tolerate anything of that sort again.

Between Programs 43 and 44 (V2 and V3, out of universe), Adams was called upon to manage the public fallout resulting from serious losses which the United States endured in on its South American fronts. Program 44 (The Program V3 Prologue) was run in his absence, which would become a factor in the disaster that would befall that iteration of The Program.