Fumiyo awoke in the classroom, where, terrified, she passively observed the proceedings. After leaving, she headed to the clinic, where she met Kazushi Niida. Niida stabbed Fumiyo with a fork, attempting to kill her. Despite the timely intervention of Yoshitoki Kuninobu, Niida was able to wrest Fumiyo's nunchaku from her and beat her to death with them.

Fumiyo Fujiyoshi
Manga Fumiyo
Vital statistics
RPed by decoy73
Position 38th
Kills None
Killed by Kazushi Niida
Cause of Death Bludgeoned
Assigned Weapon Nunchaku
Location Clinic (G9)


Fumiyo was quiet and terrified. She did everything in her power to remain alive, but was unable to defend herself when attacked.

Differences from CanonEdit

This rendition of Fumiyo was less rash than the canon one, taking pains to remain alive. Despite this, she was still a poor contender in the program, quickly being killed by one of her classmates.


The Worst Game in History

The White Knuckle Band

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  • Fumiyo was the second character who was not an NPC to die in the BR AU. She was interesting because in many ways she was the biggest blank slate of all the characters in the game; in the source material, Fumiyo is killed almost instantly and with no real development, so there was almost nothing to base her on. Fumiyo was a pretty low-key character, but Decoy did a good job of keeping her consistent and interesting in the brief time she was alive. I wish she'd had a bit longer to stick around, though, since there were so many possibilities for something interesting and new with her. - MurderWeasel