Haruka Tanizawa
Lighthouse girls
manga Haruka
Vital statistics
RPed by Namira
Position -
Kills Tadakatsu Hatagami
Killed by -
Cause of Death -
Assigned Weapon Kendo Stick
Status Alive
Location Outside the Tourist Association (E9)


How Haruka was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

One Way Out

Caught in Limbo


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  • Haruka was another of Elena's characters. Of the three (Haruka, Hirono, and Mitsuru), I think Haruka was probably the weakest, albeit still a good character. A part of this comes from her slowness to adapt to the game; in the final ten, she's still sort of coming to terms with the whole thing, and while she's faced some great tragedies and trials, she still feels like she's at the beginning of her arc. Haruka had some great scenes, and managed to stand out pretty well in almost all of them (helped by the fact that several were just between her and another character, something the BR AU could actually probably have done with more of). I just feel like her pacing was a bit off, like she still had a ways to go and probably wasn't likely to get in everything she needed. - MurderWeasel