Hiroki Sugimura
manga Hiroki
Vital statistics
RPed by Grim Wolf
Position 14th
Kills Kayoko Kotohiki
Killed by Ryuhei Sasagawa
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Sickle
Location Eastern Beach (D10)


How Hiroki was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

Memorial Address

Walking Proud

Crimson Sunset

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  • Like all of Grim's characters, Hiroki was fun and well-developed. He was a protagonist in the classic BR vein, but with an edge of tragedy about him, as he mistakenly killed the person he so wanted to save. Grim was clearly very familiar with the BR canon, and used it to great affect in giving Hiroki people to mourn and care about. His breakdown in the face of his actions was believable and tragic, and his death felt like a real shame, but in the good way that comes from great writing. I feel that the more major characters from the BR canon were the toughest ones to take on in the context of the BR AU, and Grim succeeded quite admirably with Hiroki. - MurderWeasel