Izumi Kanai
manga Izumi
Vital statistics
RPed by Ciel
Position -
Kills Mayumi Tendo, Yuka Nakagawa
Killed by -
Cause of Death -
Assigned Weapon GPS
Status Alive
Location Tourist Association (E9)


How Izumi was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

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The Worst Game in History

Wish Away the Pain


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  • Izumi is another character who was largely a blank slate at the start of the RP. Ciel did a very good job giving her some real personality and depth, especially working in friendships for her and allowing her to be shaped by the situations she encountered. Izumi's meeting with, and eventual killing of, Mayumi Tendo were excellently handled. 

    Unfortunately, it's also the vast bulk of Izumi's story, comprising over half of her posts. While she remained well-written throughout, she really became sort of a non-presence, which I found very unfortunate given that her character showed so much promise. As it is, she was one of the late-gamers who fit in least as far as a sense of scale went, but her actual posts were good enough to make up for that. I just wish we'd seen more of her throughout the game. - MurderWeasel