Kaori Minami
Manga Kaori
Vital statistics
RPed by Geno
Position 19th
Kills Herself

Tatsumichi Oki

Killed by Self
Cause of Death Grenade Explosion
Assigned Weapon Teddy Bear
Location House w/Well (E4)


How Kaori was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

Nothing significant yet.



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  • Kaori got adopted late in the game, surviving for only six posts in a single thread, not too much different from an NPC. The difference between an NPC and even a short-lived character controlled by a handler became clear in this time, though; able to focus on only one character, Geno poured a lot of thought and detail in Kaori, fleshing her out and making her a character who was quite relatable. Her posts had a lot of little details, and she was a fun character who died too soon. - MurderWeasel