Like her classmates, Kayoko was subjected to the demonstration in the classroom and the death of Shuuya Nanahara. After leaving the school, she wandered for a time before running into Hiroki Sugimura, Takako Chigusa, and Noriko Nakagawa. Kayoko tried to keep them away, holding them at bay with her gun, but Sugimura closed in, attempting to calm her down. Kayoko panicked, and opened fire on Sugmiura, who reflexively killed her with his sickle.

Kayoko Kotohiki
manga Kayoko
Vital statistics
RPed by NPC
Position 29th
Kills None
Killed by Hiroki Sugimura
Cause of Death Stabbed
Assigned Weapon CZ 75
Location Along the general path to the Clinic (G9)


Kayoko was portrayed as a scared, cautious girl. Unwilling to trust anyone, she ascribed negative intenetions to Sugimura's approach, and reacted with extreme force.

Differences from CanonEdit

This version of Kayoko closely matches her portrayal in the novel, though she did not ever realize the reasons behind Sugimura's pursuit of her.


Walking Proud

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  • Kayoko was another good NPC, one who got to do a little bit more than many of the other ones who died in the early game. I think it's a bit unfortunate that her plot ended up coming off rather similarly to Sakura's, in that both were killed by their romantic interests in terrible mistakes, but I think Kayoko's deathw orked a bit better, especially given how it served as a reversal of her role in the BR novel. She was a flat character who basically only served as a plot point, but well-written, and really, waht more can you ask for in an NPC who only lasted one thread? - MurderWeasel