Kazuhiko awoke in the classroom. He managed to slip a note to his girlfriend, Sakura Ogawa, telling her to meet him at the southernmost tip of the island. Kazuhiko arrived first. Sakura ran towards him in an attempt to give him a hug, but picked the exact wrong moment. Kazuhiko, who had decided that the Kiriyama Family were players and posed a major threat to the pair, had closed his eyes after lining up a shot. She managed to intercept the shot in the chest, resulting in her death. Kazuhiko, blaming the Kiriyama Family, planned to get revenge. This was thwarted, however, when his weapon was noticed by Hiroshi Kuronaga. Kazuhiko tried to grab the gun from Hiroshi, but was shot by Kazuo Kiriyama, and died quickly.

Kazuhiko Yamamoto
manga Kazuhiko
Vital statistics
RPed by T-Fox
Position 31st
Kills Sakura Ogawa
Killed by Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Luger 9mm
Location Reef (J3)


Kazuhiko was portrayed as a loving boy, driven to insanity by his own guilt and poor judgement. He became vengeful and unreasonable, but was able to once again achieve clarity and peace before his death.

Differences from CanonEdit

Kazuhiko and Sakura did not consider suicide in this version, likely due to Sakura's accidental death at Kazuhiko's hands. After this incident, Kazuhiko lost clarity, becoming motivated by vengeance and unable to accept his own guilt. At the end, he returned to a more peaceful state of mind, much like that of his canon version.


The Worst Game in History

Run to Your Love

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  • Kazuhiko had a lot of similarities to Yuko, actually, in that his character arc involved snapping, violence, and a return to clarity. Unfortunately, the bulk of it occurs in a single post, along with his death, which leaves everything feeling rather truncated and rushed. It's not that the progression is bad; it's just way, way too hurried, and the use of song lyrics doesn't help its impact at all. Kazuhiko's another character who had relatively little source material to go off of, so it'd have been interesting to see him last longer. His plot was hindered from the start by Sakura's status as an NPC, though, and the low activity in his thread just did him no favors. - MurderWeasel