Kazuo Kiriyama
Manga Kazuo
Vital statistics
RPed by Moonlight Drive
Position 23rd
Kills Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Killed by Mitsuru Numai
Cause of Death Multiple Gunshot wounds to back
Assigned Weapon Browning Hi-Power
Location Residential District (H8/I8)


How Kazuo was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

RTYL (Run to your love)

Black Canvas

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  • This version of Kiriyama was fun to read, in no small part because Dom was clearly having a blast writing him. His story was self-aware and more than a bit campy ("...!"), but that's really what a character like Kiriyama calls for, especially to be at all recognizable when divorced from his original narrative purpose. He was, oddly enough, quite in keeping with the BR feel, even if he bore little resemblance to the Kiriyama of canon. His story wasn't a super deep one, but that actually worked very well for the remainder of his gang, allowing them to develop and play the straight men to his more unorthodox traits. - MurderWeasel