Mayumi awoke with her classmates, and witnessed the events which unfolded in the classroom. When Shuuya Nanahara made his desperate attack on Yonemi Kamon, she yelled out, trying to prevent him from completing the suicidal action. From the classroom, Mayumi went to the Northern cliffs, where she encountered Yoshio Akamatsu and Izumi Kanai. The three were on their way to forming a loose alliance when they were interrupted by Megumi Eto, who opened fire on them. Akamatsu took Mayumi's gun, and returned fire, killing Megumi. He then held Mayumi and Izumi at gunpoint, and took the remainder of the ammunition for the weapon.

After his departure, Mayumi, overcome by despair, contemplated suicide. As she spoke of her plans, Izumi understood it as a cry for assisted suicide, and, with Mayumi's implied consent, shot her in the head, ending her misery.

Mayumi Tendo
manga Mayumi
Vital statistics
RPed by Senaria
Position 30th
Kills None
Killed by Izumi Kanai
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Ingram MAC-10
Location Northern Cliffs (A8/9)


Mayumi was portrayed as a kind girl who was unable to withstand the stresses of the Program. Rather than lose herself to the game, she chose to die and retain her sense of self.

Differences from CanonEdit

This version of Mayumi received much more personality and attention than the canon version, due to her status as a viewpoint character. Due to her offscreen death in canon, this version of Mayumi was written without the benfit of much source material.


The Worst Game in History

Wish Away the Pain

Your Thoughts Edit

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  • Okay, I'll be honest here: RP-ing with Mayumi was a real pleasure. Senaria has such a great way of writing her that made it enjoyable to see her act, and think, and speak. Way to go, Senaria. - Inky
  • I'd like to second that statement. Mayumi was very well written, and very interesting. It's a darn shame she got rolled so early. - MurderWeasel
  • Okay, way later I'm coming back to add a bit and update my last comment. One thing I haven't really discussed yet in my comments on the BR AU is the lack of Hero Cards; this was an idea that was interesting in theory but in practice was really bad for the game because it removed the element of quality control that tends to help SOTF get decent late-game periods. It also means that when something happens like a fairly beloved and well-written character getting rolled, there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it (especially since Senaria did not have any other character to Swap in). Mayumi was a cool character who was a really great showing by a brand new handler. I wish Senaria had come back around later, and as it is I think she left a pretty solid legacy with her one and only character. - MurderWeasel