Mitsuru Numai
manga Mitsuru
Vital statistics
RPed by Namira
Position 24th
Kills Kazuo Kiriyama (Posthumously)
Killed by Yoshio Akamatsu
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Plastic Hammer
Location Residential District (H8/I8)


How Mitsuru was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

RTYL (Run to your love)

Black Canvas

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  • Mitsuru was a very nice piece of writing from Elena. In fact, i think all of Kiriyama's gang came off very well simply because of the change in Kiriyama's demeanour; it allowed everyone else to remain completely true to their original portrayals without falling into the trap of doing the same stuff in the same way as in the original story. Mitsuru particularly does pretty well as he comes into his own in the face of Kiriyama's sometimes-less-than-perfectly-decisive leadership. His story becomes one of a crisis of faith, as his idol doesn't quite manage to live up to his expectations, and eventually this results in both of their doom. It's a fun story, and one I quite recommend. - MurderWeasel