NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are handled through the account of The Director (In practice, this meant Clueless was writing them). The first roll in BR AU was four NPCs and one handled character (Shinji Mimura, who was swapped for Fumiyo Fujiyoshi). NPCs are in other respects equivalent to normal characters.

NPCs in the BR AU consisted of:

  • Chisato Matsui (went inactive prior to her debut and was as such made an NPC)
  • Kaori Minami (was however, adopted and became a full character)

Most NPCs were one-shot characters, appearing in topics solely to be killed off, often within one or two posts. However, apart from Kamon, a non-contestant, a couple of the characters had slightly longer lifespans and/or were more fleshed out, for example Toshinori, Yoshimi and Tatsumichi.