Noriko Nakagawa
manga Noriko
Vital statistics
RPed by Rocky
Position -
Kills -
Killed by -
Cause of Death -
Assigned Weapon S&W Model 19
Status Alive
Location Traveling in the general direction of the Clinic (G9)


How Noriko was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

Memorial Address

Walking Proud

And Just a Quick Bite...

Hope or Pain

Other/Trivia Edit

  • At the time of the closure of the BR AU, Noriko was one of two rolled characters whose deaths were not completed, along with Yoshitoki Kuninobu.

Your Thoughts Edit

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  • Noriko is, I think, one of Rocky's best efforts to date. I suspect a lot of that comes down to the fact that she represented a real step outside his comfort zone; Noriko was, in the end, a pretty normal, nice, reserved girl. She had some friends, and she had a lot of emotional situations to react to, and Rocky did a good job getting us into her head and giving her consistent and relatable motivations and good interactions with the characters she traveled with. She comes off as quite human and sympathetic. It's really a shame we never got to see the conclusion of Noriko's story, especially since her last scene feels like it was within a few posts of wrapping up. - MurderWeasel