Here within lies the order by which the students from Detroit Central High and Silver Dragon Academy died in Season 1 of SOTF-TV. An analysis by team may be found here.

Death OrderEdit

66th - Anthony Rollins - Shot by Karen Ruiz
65th - Rishi Kohli - Shot by Karen Ruiz
64th - Isaac King - Shot by Vincent Sullivan
63rd - Nick Simmons - Shot by Jonas Jeffries
62nd - Lou Becker - Bludgeoned by Amber Lyons
61st - Bob Lazenby - Drowned by Kevin Fielding
60th - Harold Finston Smythe - Beaten by Zachariah Johnston
59th - Tristan Hart- Tampered with collar causing detonation.
58th - Holly Hadaway - Stabbed to death by Odile Jones
57th - John "Jack" Lemmon - Shot by Odile Jones
56th - Suzanne Lanford - Drowned in the Inland Lake
55th - Devonte Washington - Neck broken by Marcus Walker
54th - Marvia Jones - Shot by Karen Ruiz
53rd - Marion Clayton - Poisoned by Zachariah Johnston
52nd - Todd Hudson - Fell into volcano
51st - Tiffany Dexter - Shot by Karen Ruiz
50th - Jaszmine Johnson - Strangled by Shawn Morrison
49th - Kevin Fielding - Collar accidentally detonated by producers
48th - Panya Bishara - Shot by Alicia "Ali" White and stabbed by Mae St. Clair (killing blow undetermined)
47th - Peter Campbell - Shot by Timothy Walker
46th - Sean Davidson - Hung by Zachariah Johnston
45th - Joshua Doyle - Impaled on own knife, exploded by mistake by Katherine Clements
44th - Eloise Winterburn - Shot by Zachariah Johnston
43rd - Alicia "Ali" White - Stabbed by Zachariah Johnston
42nd - Sidney Rice - Repeatedly shot by Karen Ruiz
41st - David Myerez - Repeatedly shot by Karen Ruiz
40th - Jeanette Buendia - Collar detonated for entering a Danger Zone
39th - Skyler Thsani - Beaten to death by Daniel Renard
38th - Terrilynn "Lynn" Boden- Throat crushed by Vincent Sullivan
37th - Katherine "Kathy" Clements - Shot by Karen Ruiz
36th - Brenda Hernandez - Shot by Karen Ruiz
35th - Cesar Perdomo - Shot by Odile Jones
34th - John Benson - Shot with a crossbow bolt by Daniel Renard

==This is the halfway point in the game==

33rd - Michael Clark- Collar detonated for remaining in Danger Zone
32nd - Leopold Sutherland - Shot by Karen Ruiz
31st - Jonas Jeffries - Hit in the face with a hatchet by Sterling Odair
30th - Ben Grayson - Impaled and shot by Vincent Sullivan
29th - Simon Porter - Shot by Glen Bole
28th - Glen Bole - Shot by Vincent Sullivan
27th - Michael Marshall - Beaten to death by Chelsea Roberts
26th - Axel Stadler - Stabbed in the neck by Chelsea Roberts
25th - Zachariah Johnston- Bled out from wounds inflicted by Karen Ruiz
24th - April Stone - Accidentally shot in the head by Natalie "Nate" Chauncey
23rd - Ferric "Eric" Tam - Shot by Madelyn Connor
22nd - Chelsea Roberts - Died of head injuries inflicted by Axel Stadler
21st - Anna Hitchins - Shot by Vincent Sullivan
20th - Jacob Langston - Throat crushed by Robert "Bobby" Goldman
19th - Robert "Bobby" Goldman - Stabbed and toppled by Amber Lyons
18th - Jhamel Thompson - Collar detonated by Jared Clayton
17th - Karen Ruiz - Released for attaining ten kills
16th - Marcus Walker - Died of wounds inflicted by Madelyn Connor
15th - Timothy Walker - Shot by Mason Ross
14th - Brennan O'Brian - Strangled by Madelyn Connor
13th - Sterling Odair - Shot by Mae St. Clair
12th - Vincent Sullivan - Died of complications from various injuries
11th - Daniel Renard - Struck with a machete by Amber Lyons, resulting in collar detonation
10th - Mae St. Clair- Shot by Madelyn Connor
9th - Renée Carlson- Shot by Natalie "Nate" Chauncey
8th - Amber Lyons - Shot by Odile Jones
7th - Mikaela Warner - Died of blood loss after sustaining injuries in a fall
6th - Odile Jones - Suicide by gunshot to the head
5th - Natalie "Nate" Chauncey - Died due to wounds caused by Mason Ross
4th - Madelyn Connor - Shot by Mason Ross and Shawn Morrison
3rd - Alexis Allwell - Shot by Madelyn Connor
RUNNER UP - Shawn Morrison - Shot by Mason Ross
WINNER - Mason Ross

Kill RankingsEdit

10 Kills:

Karen Ruiz (Anthony Rollins, Rishi Kohli, Marvia Jones, Tiffany Dexter, Sidney Rice, David Myerez, Katherine "Kathy" Clements, Brenda Hernandez, Leopold Sutherland, Zachariah Johnston)

5 Kills:

Zachariah Johnston (Harold Finston Smythe, Marion Clayton, Sean Davidson, Eloise Winterburn, Alicia "Ali" White)
Vincent Sullivan (Isaac King, Terrilynn "Lynn" Boden, Ben Grayson, Glen Bole, Anna Hitchins)
Madelyn Connor (Ferric "Eric" Tam, Marcus Walker, Brennan O'Brian, Mae St. Clair, Alexis Allwell)

4 Kills:

Odile Jones (Holly Hadaway, John "Jack" Lemmon, Cesar Perdomo, Amber Lyons)
Mason Ross (Timothy Walker, Natalie "Nate" Chauncey, Madelyn Connor, Shawn Morrison)

3 Kills:

Amber Lyons (Lou Becker, Robert "Bobby" Goldman, Daniel Renard)

2 Kills:

Daniel Renard (Skyler Thsani, John Benson)
Chelsea Roberts (Michael Marshall, Axel Stadler)
Mae St. Clair (Panya Bishara, Sterling Odair)
Natalie "Nate" Chauncey (April Stone, Renée Carlson)
Shawn Morrison (Jaszmine Johnson, Madelyn Connor)

1 Kill:

Jonas Jeffries (Nick Simmons)
Kevin Fielding (Bob Lazenby)
Marcus Walker (Devonte Washington)
Timothy Walker (Peter Campbell)
Sterling Odair (Jonas Jeffries)
Glen Bole (Simon Porter)
Alicia "Ali" White (Panya Bishara)
Katherine "Kathy" Clements (Joshua Doyle)
Robert "Bobby" Goldman (Jacob Langston)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Tristan Hart (Tampered with collar causing detonation)
Suzanne Lanford (Drowned in the Inland Lake)
Todd Hudson (Fell into volcano)
Kevin Fielding (Collar accidentally detonated by producers)
Jeanette Buendia (Collar detonated for entering a Danger Zone)
Michael Clark (Collar detonated for remaining in a Danger Zone)
Jhamel Thompson (Collar detonated for ignoring directions from the producers)
Vincent Sullivan (Died of complications from various wounds)
Mikaela Warner (Died of blood loss after sustaining injuries in a fall)
Odile Jones (Commited suicide via gunshot to head)