Sakura awoke in the classroom, and witnessed the events that transpired there. As her boyfriend, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, left the building, he slipped Sakura a note telling her to meet him at the Southernmost part of the island. She arrived shortly after Kazuhiko, and, after a brief bout of suspicion, jumped on him to hug him. Kazuhiko, nervous because of the presence of Kazuo Kiriyama and his gang, accidentally shot Sakura instead of one of the members of the gang, killing her before she could even realize it.

Sakura Ogawa
manga Sakura
Vital statistics
RPed by NPC
Position 40th
Kills None
Killed by Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Bowie Knife
Location Reef (J3)


Sakura was portrayed as a happy, loving girl, who, though originally doubtful, was able to overcome her worries with love. She was energetic, but did not nessessarily think things through well, as evidenced by her manner of approaching Kazuhiko. This was, perhaps, the result of denial, as she may have felt that he would be unable to harm her, even by mistake.

Differences from CanonEdit

Sakura was much more hopeful here than in canon, not resolving on suicide. She was also somewhat more energetic, likely as a result of this. Her love for Kazuhiko remained undiminished, though she did show some initial doubts about him.


The Worst Game in History

Run to Your Love

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  • Another NPC who died early but served a good purpose in the narrative, Sakura didn't get quite as detailed a set of thoughts as Keita, but made up for it in impact to Kazuhiko. As a scene, it worked better than most accidental shooting deaths in that it made a bit more sense, but I do feel it was rather unfortunate that Sakura got stuck as an NPC while Kazuhiko was chosen for play. It was like what happens when a character vital to another character's story goes inactive, except that everyone knew it was coming from the start. - MurderWeasel