Sho Tsukioka
manga Sho
Vital statistics
RPed by Grim Wolf
Position 12th
Kills None
Killed by Ryuhei Sasagawa
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Crossbow
Location Northern Mountain (C7)


How Sho was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

Nothing significant yet.


Other/Trivia Edit

  • Sho's death was the last to be completed in the BR AU.

Your Thoughts Edit

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  • In some iterations of the canon BR, especially the manga, Sho is a very, very problematic character, coming off as a rather unfortunate stereotype. I must admit that I was a little bit nervous about his portrayal in the BR AU. Fortunately, Grim did a great job with him, approaching things from an angle I would not have expected. He took Sho and played him dead straight like his manga incarnation, but with enough authorial detachment and awareness, plus enough added depth, that he came off simultaneously as a more human character and as a comment on the canon version. Grim showed that the real problem with Sho is that he's an extra; when viewed as a focus character, and when detached a bit from Kiriyama, he has a lot of potential. I quite enjoyed Sho, and just wish his activity had been a little bit better, because his story doesn't really ever hit its stride until he's about to die. - MurderWeasel