Shogo Kawada awoke with the rest of the class. After leaving the school, he went to a small hill, where he reflected on the game and discarded his assigned weapon. After this, he made his way to the lighthouse. There, he encoutered Satomi Noda, who he attempted to disarm. He failed, however, and was fatally shot.

Shogo Kawada
Manga Shogo
Vital statistics
RPed by Moonlight Drive
Position 26th
Kills None
Killed by Satomi Noda
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Harisen
Location Lighthouse (C10)


Shogo was portrayed as a reluctant pragmatist, devoted to survival and interested in the potential for escape. However, due in part to his poor weapon pull, he was unable to enact any plan or participate as an active player in the Program.

Differences from CanonEdit

This version of Shogo stuck well to canon for the time he sruvived, however, he was killed much more quickly than his canon counterpart.


The Worst Game in History

There Was a Time

Don't go into the Light

Your Thoughts Edit

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  • It's interesting that Dom ended up controlling both Shogo and Kazuo Kiriyama, given the way these two characters serve as mirrors of each other in the BR movie (though his portrayals hewed closer to the manga version, as was par for the AU course). Also interestingly, he pushed both closer to the middle, a fairly canny move in my opinion as it made each a little more palatable. Shogo's portrayal is sort of reminiscent of Adam Dodd, which is interesting given the parallels between the characters. He was well-written and interesting, and it was really a shame he died so early, because looking back at his posts now I see a lot of potential for him to have been really, really cool in the long run. - MurderWeasel