Much like the rest of his class, Shuuya awoke after being gassed to find himself in a classroom guarded by soldiers and with Yonemi Kamon presiding. During the briefing, Yoshitoki Kuninobu asked Kamon who had been notified of his (and by extension, Shuuya's) participation in the Program, and Kamon replied that he had told their caretaker at the orphange, whilst heavily implying he had raped her. Furious, Shuuya launched himself from his seat at Kamon, much to the dismay of his classmates (particularly Yukie Utsumi and Yoshio Akamatsu, who both cried out). Hirono Shimizu, seat on the front row, attempted to tackle Shuuya to bring him out of harm's way, but Kamon ordered him killed anyway. Shuuya hence met his end after being shot in the chest several times by the assault rifle of the soldier Kando, consoling himself that he had avoided being 'beaten' by the Program, before quickly expiring.

Shuuya Nanahara
Manga Shuuya
Vital statistics
RPed by MurderWeasel
Position 42nd
Kills None
Killed by Soldier (Kando)
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon None
Location School Building (G7)


Much like in the original media, Shuuya was shown to be a kind and caring person, although inclined to act before he thought due to his passionate nature. This hotheadedness led to him acting with no regard for his own well-being, although with enough consideration to attempt to avoid his friends acting with him and possibly being hurt. Naturally, Shuuya was still raised in the orphanage, with Yoshitoku Kuninobu being his best friend. It was also mentioned by Hirono Shimizu (and confirmed by others) that Shuuya always tried to cheer people up.

Differences from CanonEdit

This version of Shuuya could perhaps be considered to be more impetous and slightly more hotheaded than the canon renditions of him, as he was faster than Yoshitoki to react to hearing of his caretaker's rape. Otherwise, he was much the same as in the original mediums.


The Worst Game in History

Other/Trivia Edit

  • Shuuya's death was the first death on SOTF Mini.

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