After waking up with the class, Tadakatsu was informed of his induction into the Program along with the rest of the students. Sometime after leaving the school, he saw Haruka Tanizwa, and attempted to sneak up on her, attempting to kill her with his sword, when she stopped outside the lighthouse. However, Haruka spotted Tadakatsu, and a chase ensued that led inside and up to the balcony of the lighthouse. Although a brief fight ensued at the top, it wasn't long before Tadakatsu caught his foot on Haruka's trailing leg when she tried to flee, tripping him up and sending him careening over the railing to his death on the ground below.

Tadakatsu Hatagami
Vital statistics
RPed by NPC
Position 39th
Kills None
Killed by Haruka Tanizawa
Cause of Death Fall from lighthouse
Assigned Weapon Cutlass
Location Lighthouse (C10)


Tadakatsu was portrayed as an agressive, willing player. He knew that he was participating, remaining cogent enough to converse coherently, and he seemed to see no problem with his actions.

Differences from CanonEdit

As in the original, Tadakatsu was scared and stressed by the program. In this portrayal, however, he was more immediately agressive. This is probably due to a better opportunity and the lack of the tempering influence of Yuichiro.


One Way Out

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  • Tadakatsu was another effectively-used NPC, and there's not really a ton to say about him beyond that. He did have a few cool things going for him, though, primarily that he got to serve as an antagonist whose perspective we don't really get. His scene takes place from Haruka's point of view, which makes it come off as something that could have been in the original Battle Royale. It's just a nice bit of scene-building that is typically impossible under normal SOTF situations, which makes it a fun break from the usual. - MurderWeasel