Takako Chigusa
manga Takako
Vital statistics
RPed by Ciel
Position -
Kills -
Killed by -
Cause of Death -
Assigned Weapon Walther PPK
Status Alive
Location The Tangerine Grove (E8)


How Takako was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

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Crimson Sunset

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  • Takako is interesting in the original Battle Royale because she sits in between classifications; she's not really a main character, but she gets a lot more attention and narrative respect than most of the random extras. I feel like this gave her a particularly good opportunity to grow in the BR AU, one that Ciel took good advantage of. Ciel really let Takako take the lead, coming into her own and helping Hiroki and Noriko. Like her canon counterpart, Takako had deep friendships but also a darker side, a temper and potential violent streak that could show up at inopportune times. Seeing her live a little longer and have to deal to a greater extent with the horrors of the game was really cool, and I do wish we'd gotten some closure and a better look at her coping (or not) after Hiroki's death. - MurderWeasel