Yoshio Akamatsu
Manga Yoshio
Vital statistics
RPed by Inky
Position 15th
Kills Megumi Eto

Mitsuru Numai

Responsible for the death of Mizuho Inada

Killed by Mizuho Inada
Cause of Death Incineration
Assigned Weapon Telescoping Baton
Status Deceased
Location Clinic


How Yoshio was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

Nothing significant yet.


The Worst Game in History

Wish Away the Pain

Black Canvas


Your Thoughts Edit

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  • I liked Yoshio a lot, and actually think he remains some of Inky's strongest work. A big part of this is that Yoshio manages to at the same time remain fairly true to canon and also to go off in a different and interesting direction. Like in the original story, he was mostly afraid and turned to violence out of that nervousness, but Inky was able to let him develop from that success and fall deeper and deeper into his irrationality and paranoia. It made Yoshio a deep and somewhat tragic character; he was often doing the wrong thing, but for understandable reasons. I'd say he's one of the best near-villains in the BR AU, most because he had a lot more nuance than one would initially expect. - MurderWeasel