Yuka Nakagawa
manga Yuka
Vital statistics
RPed by Slamexo
Position 21st
Kills None
Killed by Izumi Kanai
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon H&K USP
Location Outside the Tourist's Association (E9)


How Yuka was portrayed, personality and background-wise.

Differences from CanonEdit

Nothing significant yet.


The Worst Game in History


Walking Proud


Your Thoughts Edit

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  • Yuka wasn't a bad character, but until her last thread she had a tendency to sort of fade into the background of scenes, mostly letting action happen around her. There are a lot of great characters that fill much the same role, but with Yuka it felt like there was always potential for a lot more to really happen with her. I think what she needed was another character to really interact with, because once she encounters Haruka she gets a lot more of a voice. Unfortunately, she also dies really quickly.

    I think, insofar as there was anything that was really an issue with Yuka, it was that her plotline and writing didn't interface super well with the BR AU format. As the smallest game thus far, with effectively only thirty primary characters (discounting the NPCs), having one stay out of the way and uninvolved really becomes a lot more notable, especially one who outlives a bunch of more active characters. Yuka's story also felt like it was trying for a slow build, something that works great in longer games but here sort of resulted in her story feeling like it's got a beginning and an end but no real middle. - MurderWeasel