After leaving the school building, Yuko made her way to the tangerine grove. There, she encountered Yutaka Seto. The two had a misunderstanding, with Yutaka attacking Yuko in a panic. Yuko retaliated brutally, stabbing Yutaka to death. She attempted to bandage her wounds, but was unable to do a good job, falling unconscious a short ways away. There, she was discovered by Haruka Tanizawa. Haruka tried to save her friend, but was unable to do so, and Yuko bled to death from the wound Yutaka dealt her.

Yuko Sakaki
manga Yuko
Vital statistics
RPed by Inky
Position 32nd
Kills Yutaka Seto
Killed by Yutaka Seto
Cause of Death Blood Loss
Assigned Weapon Kitchen Knife
Status Deceased
Location North of the Clinic (E8)


Yuko was portrayed as a deeply religious yet somewhat unstable and vengeful girl. She became convinced that Yutaka was a demon, killing him on that justification. Later, she achieved a moment of clarity, and was able to explain her own death by her lack of faith.

Differences from CanonEdit

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The Worst Game in History

Little Bird


Caught in Limbo

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  • Yuko's a tricky one. I feel like Inky kept her pretty true to her manga portrayal, but that portrayal was very extreme and a good deal of that seeps into some of Yuko's scenes. Since they take place much earlier in the game than canon Yuko's descent into craziness, it feels a little bit odd having her so out of touch and violent so early in the game. 

    That said, it's cool to see Yuko regain some clarity in her death. She's crazy, but she keeps enough human elements and is framed well enough that she remains a generally sympathetic character, and she gets some good scenes. She's probably one of the first characters in the BR AU to die with something resembling a character arc and progression, which is quite cool to see. - MurderWeasel