Yutaka woke up along with the rest of class in the school, and promptly broke into tears upon being told of his involvement in the game. Upon leaving, he ran aimlessly until he arrived at the tangerine groves, not long after Yuko Sakaki's arrival. Although he attempted to hide from her at first, he tripped over and landed on a large branch, snapping it loudly and alerting Yuko to his presence. Whilst she was overjoyed to discover it was Yutaka and threw her arms around him in a hug, the stress of the situation resulted in Yutaka interpreting it as an attempt to strangle him, and a fight broke out. After slashing her arm with his ice pick, which would eventually cause her to bleed to death, Yuko had a mental breakdown, and attacked Yutaka after he fell over a tree root whilst trying to flee. She then stabbed him to death, deluded into thinking he was a demon from hell.

Yutaka Seto
manga Yutaka
Vital statistics
RPed by Slamexo
Position 37th
Kills Yuko Sakaki
Killed by Yuko Sakaki
Cause of Death Stabbed
Assigned Weapon Ice Pick
Location Tangerine Trees (E8)


Yutaka was portrayed relatively similar to his appearance in the original Battle Royale: he lacked confidence, and was greatly traumatised by the Program. Whilst he wanted to get off the island safely, he never doubted the hopelessness of the situation.

Differences from CanonEdit

Yutaka could be seen as more paranoid in this version, given how he believed Yuko to be attempting to strangle him rather than embrace him, even with her non-threatening words that accompanied the action. Seeing that he attacked her as well, he could also be said to be more aggressive when faced with danger.


The Worst Game in History

Little Bird

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  • The stuff that happened between Yutaka and Yuko was another pretty classic Battle Royale misunderstanding situation. One of the strengths of the BR AU was that it tapped into a lot of the weirdness of BR's source material without falling prey to some of the problems created by having a story with a couple characters as the main/focus ones. The only other thing I'd say about Yutaka is he was kind of silly in a few ways, but that's something I'm much more forgiving of in the BR AU than elsewhere because it really does fit the feel of the BR manga (which is where most handlers seemed to draw from for source material, likely because of the selection of Kamon as the director). - MurderWeasel